Pure Dried Lemon Slice 柠檬干片


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Natural tea, No additive, Pure fruit

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Product Description

The perfect of high concentrate Vitamin C ingredient for a healthy cup of lemon tea or dessert. For an instant infusion, dried lemon slice is superior even to fresh lemon. Great enjoy with other tea as well, add a slice of lemon into your black tea or green tea, flower tea, the tea taste will enhance.

Why Dried lemon?

Lemon can be added to the various drink, to give a fresher flavor. Do not put too much slice of lemon because it will make the taste too strong and over. for the tea drink may need to add on refresh taste to achieve a sour flavor a natural way, a lemon slice is the best choice.

How can add lemon for better benefit?

Lemon is a digestive aid and is frequently used to clean body toxins. it is also very helpful in balancing the body's PH level because of the alkalizing properties.

The calming scent of lemon should not be underestimated, as it can be a powerful stress-reliever to sip such a fragrant tea. Many people find it to be an energizing smell that improves negative moods and lethargy.

Products info:

Packaging: Ziplock Bag

Content: 50g

Storage: Avoid high temperature or humid place

Shelf life: 12 months


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