Japan Green Tea Drip Bag X 2 tea bag

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Convenient * Easy * Enjoyable *  

*One Drip Bag steep for at least 3 cup of tea*

*Best time drink in office


Green tea drip bag from Japan.
Drip Green tea is convenient for carrying and brew the tea in anywhere. 100% of Kakegawa deep steamed tea is popular green tea at Kakegawa. Use the Drip tea bag to extract a cup of tea and keep for few hours in the fridge, taste the ice green tea and can be enjoyed very much.
Product Information
Product Description: Kakegawa Green tea drip bag
Origin: Kakegawa, Shizuoka Japan
Storage: 365 days
Packing : aluminum vacuum bag zipper
Manufacturer by Kimura Tea Plant, Kakegawa, Shizuoka


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