Green Tea Powder (Matcha)50g 绿茶粉末 50g

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Finest of green tea powder!

Best to serve as dessert, the healthy drink for your life

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Product Description

Green tea powder is rich in Catechins, vitamins and minerals.

When you drink tea brewed in water, you drink normal drink tea you just digest the tea ingredients only about 30% .But with green tea powder you can 100% uptake of the tea composition.

This green tea powder is suitable for cold brew or hot brew.

Our Fulleaf selection green tea powder is 100% first grade tea leave making to powder.


Products information

50g in aluminium zipper bag.
1 scoop can use for 1 litter water
Truly drink the green tea element (Vitamin, Catechin and mineral), best health drink for you
Use as dessert to delight your day
Mix with hot milk or yogurth
Raw material is tea leave from Shizuoka Tea plant
Avoid storage at high temperature and humid place.
Imported by from Kimura tea plant