Green Tea Powder (Matcha)50g 绿茶粉末 50g

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Finest of green tea powder!

Best to serve as dessert, the healthy drink for your life

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Product Description

Powdered green tea is finely ground powder of green tea leaves. It is consumed in Japan for centuries. From the centuries people found that consuming green tea powder is more benefit then drink brewing green tea leaves. It is 3 time of drink green tea powder compare to tea leaves.

Green tea powder is rich in Catechins, vitamins, and minerals. The reason given why must enjoy a cup of green tea powder?

  1. High in Antioxidants
  2. Loaded with Catechin, EGCg
  3. Enhances Calm
  4. Boosts Memory and Concentration
  5. Increases Energy Levels and Endurance
  6. Burns Calories
  7. Detoxifies the Body
  8. Fortifies the Immune System

Green tea powder it is bright green and strong of astringency taste because of catechin. The taste is refreshing and aroma. Consume green tea powder is the best and affordable for health reason.


How to drink green tea powder?

One teaspoon (about 1-2 g), dilute with hot water (85 degrees or more). If prepare it in cold, please dissolve with a small amount of hot water, and dilute with cold water or ice.  For dessert/latte making please follow our Facebook or Instagram, we will update you regularly green tea powder recipe

Amount of caffeine in green tea powder? 

"How much should I drink green tea powder tea in a day?"

“May I ask that if I take too much amount, it is not good for my body?"

Many questions about that.

The caffeine amount when 1 g of green tea powder (about half teaspoon), when dissolved in hot water, is about 23 mg.By the way, since the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee (150 ml) is about 90 mg, the amount of caffeine in green tea powder is less than compared with coffee. (Data Japanese Food Standard Component Table)

Also, there is no provision for daily allowable intake for caffeine, but some countries have provisions established.

For example, at the Ministry of Health Canada, the daily allowable intake of caffeine is specified as follows.

Pregnant women: 300 mg / day or less

Child: Within 2.5 mg per kg of body weight / day

Child with a body weight of 10 kg: within 25 mg / day

Child with a body weight of 20 kg: within 50 mg / day

Child with body weight 30 kg: within 75 mg / day

Adult: within 5.7 mg / kg of body weight / day

Adults weighing 70 kg: within 400 mg / day

Adults weighing 50 kg: within 285 mg / day

You have no worry to consume the delicious of green tea powder drink for daily.
Products information
Packaging: 50g in aluminum ziplock bag

Storage: Avoid high temperature and humid place

Shelf life: 12 months

Material: tea leaves

Origin from: Kakegawa, Shizuoka, Japan

Manufacturer/Packed by: Fulleaf Tea Store