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Campuran Teh Botani (Bunga)

Campuran Teh Botani ~ For your eye ~ Fresh Breeze ~ Immune boots ~ Beauty Blast   Apatu teh Botani? Boleh mimun? Campuran teh botani ini adalah 2-3 jenis bahan tumbuhan campur sekali, bahan tumbuhan ini seperti bunga ros, bunga kekwa, serai, jasmin, roselle, peppermint dan lain-lain. Semua bahan ini secara semujadi dengan kering process…
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Chinese New Year Tea~喜庆节准备茶~台湾包种茶

在準備過年新茶時,我們苦惱多久就選了這款新加入的臺灣茶。 包種茶属于乌龙茶类來自臺灣的文山,具有特色的半發酵茶。 香氣迷人有著喜氣洋洋的寓意,香氣清雅高揚,回甘滋味。搭配方便收的限量版本設計,過 年期間送禮自用兩相宜! In preparation for New Year tea, we take long time to find out special tea for this New Year and the final is this new Taiwan tea. Baochong Cha from Taiwan, is type of Oolong tea, with the characteristic of semi-fermentation process. Charming aroma has a beaming meaning, elegant and Umami taste…
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Natural Farming Tea 无农药自然栽培茶

Natural Farming was established in 1935 from Japan, an agricultural system originally called "zero-fertilizer farming". This method is to ensure people consume the most natural and chemical-free vegetable or tea. To produce such agricultural products, tea farmer must strictly comply with the International Nature Farming Research Center in Nagano, Japan. It is based on the theories that:…
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