Who we are

About Fulleaf Tea Store
          Started by myself, nicknamed Cheylie who is a tea lover and spend lots of time on tea every day.
          I started my business from Japanese tea and began with many studied of its plantation cultivation, harvest, range of tea, tea component, brewing method and everything relates to it due to a very simple reason - "passion".
          The Japanese tea being selected and introduced to Malaysia market is from Kakegawa Shizuoka, Japan where this place supply tons of Japanese tea throughout a year. Besides, it also covers full range of Japanese green tea including Sencha, Sincha, Hojicha and Genmaicha
We also sell other range of tea like the natural fruit tea, special black tea from Sri Lanka, healthy tea from Taiwan and tea ware.
          Fulleaf the name itself means tea in full form of tea leaves, why say so? Because we always choose the quality & safe-to-drink tea with affordable price for our customers. We make sure we know 100% about our tea supply source as a professional tea seller so that we maintain of our specialty to help you buy and drink most quality tea.
         So, if you like to know and explore more secret about a cup of good tea, please do visit our website at www.fulleaf.my for more details.

Why choose us?

Specialize in Japanese Green Tea

We have cover full kind of range Japanese green tea. From Sencha, Bancha, Sincha, Hojicha and others. Our Japanese Green Tea fully imported from Shizuoka Tea plant in Japan. We are only the authorities of the importer of Kimura Tea.

Care of Quality

We love fresh tea and enjoy the aroma tea. We want you feel good of benefit from a good tea, so we will deliver best quality tea to you. How do we care the quality of tea? We take care of the tea expired date, tea storage and taste of tea.

Always update you

We will offer advice on the proper way for brew good cup of tea. We will regular update tea make dessert recipe, about tea, brew tea tips to our blog. The blog start out our hobby (all about tea) and will make your interesting.



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